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Finnley's Pirate Story

Once upon a time Lee and Eley got in a rowing boat, that smelt like rotten onions, to find some treasure. Eley rowed the dirty oars.

Lee jumped on the chest. She saw a key on the floor. She opened it up and a pirate, called Captain Dead Bird, appeared and swooped them all up and the chest.

The pirate told them to follow him. His breath smelt like rotten cabbage. 'Oh that stinks!' said Eley. The parrot copied two times.

Captain Dead Bird made them walk the plank. When he was looking at his treasure they jumped on the dolphins.

The dolphins jumped up and down. Lee said, 'Whee!' The dolphin danced them all home.

'Woowee!' Lee said, with a hat on. As they walked home. 'That's enough for today.'

by Finnley Winter (7)
Hartsholme Academy - Lincolnshire

Competition - My First Story 2016

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