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Bailey's Jungle Story

Ellie and Spencer found themselves in a jungle. Whilst exploring, they met a bear named Monkey T. Monkey T asked if they would like to swing on vines and straight away they rushed to the vines, and they had such a good time they didn't notice a snake.

A venomous, old, slippery snake. The snake whispered, 'I would like to swallow you whole.' Monkey T, Spencer and Ellie stood still shaking, their hearts were pounding like mad.

Suddenly, Ellie and Spencer screamed, 'Snake!'

Monkey T, Spencer and Ellie ran as fast as they could. They went so far but they could still hear, 'Come back, I would like to s-s-s-swallow you whole for my tea!'

'Just run away!' screamed Spencer. There were no vines so they ran until they met a lion.

Sharp claws, a fluffy mane, whiskers so short they couldn't touch the person next to him. 'Excuse me,' whispered Ellie nervously, 'do you know how to get out of this place?'

The lion replied, 'Of course I do, you go straight, left, right, quarter turn left and jump to reach some vines high in the air.'

'What if we get lost in this deep predator-filled jungle?' questioned Ellie in a sad voice.

The lion knew that he should take them. The lion was so fast Spencer was about to be sick. 'Here comes the jump in 3, 2, 1... Jump!'

Spencer could use his wings to reach the vines and Ellie was holding onto Spencer to also reach the vines. She reached her house and Ellie got into bed and hoped for another adventure.

by Bailey Webb (7)
Meadows Primary School & Nursery - Shropshire

Competition - My First Story 2016

Copyright remains with the author.