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Eleanor's Zoo Story

When Ellie arrived cheerfully at the zoo with her fairy friend Spencer they met a mischievous elephant at the sharp corner. Spencer reached out to stroke the elephant's skin so that it knew that Ellie and Spencer wouldn't hurt it.

The elephant knew that they were friends so Spencer fluttered up and landed gently on the elephant's back. Spencer pulled Ellie up and her teddy bear went on the trumpeting, dry, elephant's trunk.

They got a ride to the pandas and there were little pandas. Ellie muttered to herself, she had thought that all the animals had escaped because the elephant and the giant pandas had. They gave the pandas a cuddle with Ellie's teddy bear and went.

They got back onto the elephant and they went stomping slowly through the mushrooms. They went through luscious, green bushes that the elephant kept on nibbling for a little snack. Under the leaves were six pairs of scrumptious yellow bananas but the elephant didn't notice.

Suddenly something went boo and they saw a tall, hairy monkey that picked the right-sized bunch for Ellie and Spencer to share. Ellie's teddy clung tightly onto a nearby branch that looked like a twisty hosepipe or a curly, hissing snake.

They got back to Ellie's house and she got her teddy and waved goodbye happily with her teddy bear. She stroked the elephant goodbye. What a magnificent adventure! She waved with her soft, cuddly bear.

They were so happy.

by Eleanor McKelvie (8)
Trinity CE Methodist Primary School - Lancashire

Competition - My First Story 2016

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