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Alexander's Magical Story

Spencer the elf, Ellie and Teddy were riding on a beautiful unicorn. The beautiful unicorn was galloping across a shimmering road towards a deep, dark cave.

A big dragon jumped out of the shadows. The dragon bellowed, 'Leave me alone!' He blazed his blazing flames. Ted was trembling in fear behind Ellie's legs.

Ellie, Spencer and Teddy ran away, they were petrified. 'All I wanted was to make friends' sobbed the dragon. They ran back, Teddy thought it was a trap, but they made brilliant friends.

Then they hopped onto the unicorn and galloped to the witch's cottage. It was really scary.

The witch came out of the house. 'I'm going to eat you up,' said the witch.

'Oh no, you're not,' said the dragon flapping down.

They stole the witch's broomstick, Ted was hanging on the end. They flew home relieved that they were safe.

by Alexander Cartwright (7)
Welton CE Academy - Northamptonshire

Competition - My First Story 2016

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