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The Alien Gardeners

Ellie and Spencer flew through the night sky, past the Kuiper belt, all the way to the undiscovered exoplanets. As they approached, the gas giants became solid rock and they landed safely. Suddenly, a fleet of aliens appeared from craters on the floor. The aliens were made of a mixture of precious metals: gold, bronze and silver. They had robotic solar panels, three eyes on their antennae and a generation system to capture the light made by the solar panels.

Soon, Ellie made friends with the aliens and Spencer and Ellie played 'Hide-and-Bleep' with them. The exoplanet was extremely hot, dry and brown, the only life form was the aliens. Ellie told them stories of Earth, describing the beautiful trees, flowers and animals that roamed the Earth. The aliens asked for Ellie's help to transform their exoplanets into colourful, bright worlds where they could live happily with other forms of life that evolved.

Spencer remembered Ellie had brought her reading book with her, which was all about how to grow your own vegetables. Ellie was pleased and lent the book to the aliens.

The aliens started to follow the instructions and soon there were many different species of plants growing on the exoplanets. There were large red, orange and yellow flowers, with green vegetation all around. Animals came to live in the exoplanets, and lived happily with the plants and the aliens.

The aliens thanked Ellie and Spencer for teaching them how to make their worlds better than the scorching deserts that they had before. Ellie realised she had showed the aliens that they should live not as they are, but as they could be!

by Alex Diosi (6)
Independent Entry - Oxfordshire

Competition - My First Story 2016

Copyright remains with the author.