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Bradley's Pirate Story

Ellie and Spencer found themselves on a beach and they walked along it, then in the distance there was a ship, but not a normal ship! A pirate ship!

The ship was getting closer and closer and then it fired a cannonball which exploded on the beach and hit something hard. It was a chest and it creaked open. Inside was gold, but then there were men running towards them with swords and guns.

They got Ellie and Spencer and went out to sea and forced them to walk the plank. They did, but dolphins saved them and took them back to the beach to get the treasure.

They found another boat and sailed out to sea and bumped on a shark, but he let them pass!

Ellie and Spencer went home, walking down the path and down the road. They went to bed and soon it was morning.

Ellie had to get dressed for school.

by Bradley Thomas Driver (6)
Hartford Primary School, Cheshire

Competition - My First Story 2016

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