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Mama Eska's Awesome Space Taxi

She looked around for her house but when she looked down she only saw the Earth! 'Where are we?' she asked Spencer.

'We are in space,' he said.

'Wow!' answered Ellie.

They flew to the moon and Spencer took some stars. Ellie thought the moon looked enormous, round and quite plain! Spencer was having a great time but he knew someone was watching them. Suddenly they saucer heard a loud whirring sound.

'Oh no!' shouted Ellie. There was an enormous flying saucer! It lifted Spencer and Ellie up. They were terrified.

They met an alien in the flying saucer. He said that he was the owner of the space taxi and his name was Mama Eska! Ellie, Spencer and Mama Eska became best friends.

Suddenly there was another noise but this time it was very floppy. 'Oh no,' shouted Mama Eska, 'it is Comsa Bam Bam!'

'Who's that?' said Ellie.

'Look down and you will see,' muttered Spencer. They see an enormous creature with a million legs.

They shrieked and sped off back to Earth in the space taxi. Finally they reached Ellie's cosy house.

'Bye-bye, see ya later,' said Spencer.

'Good luck and good sleep,' said Mama Eska.

Ellie thought about it and waved.

by Uma Lonergan (7)
Edgeborough School, Farnham

Competition - My First Story 2016

Copyright remains with the author.