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Nina's Magical Story

Ellie and Spencer met a kind unicorn named Katie. All of them flew to Unicorn World.

The unicorn told Ellie and Spencer the story of the scary dragon who haunted little unicorns, the dragon had really sharp claws and long teeth and breathed fire.

Ellie, Spencer and the bear were so scared that they ran away.

They found Katie and they hopped on her back and flew to find a witch for help. After a while they found a witch. Witch Angela said, 'The only way to stop a dragon is to find a magic key on a clifftop and find a way to make the dragon choke on it.'

Ellie and Spencer flew on the broom and found the key in a small house. There they worked on their plan…

They came back to Unicorn World to find the dragon. Ellie and her friends tickled the dragon and the dragon opened his mouth and laughed then Spencer threw the key in the dragon's mouth.

Then the dragon turned into a kind and lovely baby dragon. From now on the dragon and all of the unicorns were friends.

Finally Ellie was home and slept after the whole adventure.

by Nina Rzoska (7)
All Saints' CE Primary School, London

Competition - My First Story 2016

Copyright remains with the author.