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Lila's Jungle Story


Spencer and Ellie had gone to the jungle. They could hear the gigantic waterfalls plummeting down. They swung from vine to vine. It was so much fun until they met a snake!

It coiled around the branch they were standing on. 'Yum!' it said, 'You look delicious. Look out, here I come!'

'Quickly, Ellie!' said Spencer, 'Come this way.'

They ran for their lives through the amazing jungle. 'This is not so fun,' said Ellie.

Soon the chase ended. 'You saved my life,' said Ellie to Spencer.

'Not yet,' said Spencer, pointing at a massive lion! After what happened with the snake, they did not trust him (yet).

But you know what? He was so kind. He offered them a ride through the jungle. It was so, so cool.

They had such an amazing, tiring day. 'It is time to go home,' said Spencer. So off they swung, from vine to vine into the sunrise

by Lila Mills (7)
Birkdale Primary School, Southport

Competition - My First Story 2016

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