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An Enchanted Land Adventure

Ellie and Spencer arrived in Enchanted Land. Sapphire, Spencer's flying unicorn, landed gently on the sparkly path beneath them and Ellie, Spencer and Ted (Ellie's favourite teddy) dismounted excitedly. Spencer had lots to show Ellie. They walked along the path towards the Temples of Everlasting Happiness.

Suddenly, Lucifer the Dragon ambushed them from above, breathing out fire. Sapphire scarpered into the woods. Spencer used his magic powers to create a force field around them.

They had just enough time to run into the woods and hide before the force field weakened and the dragon flew over the hills towards them. In the distance, they heard Lucifer stomping and flapping his wings angrily.

As they came to a clearing in the woods, Sapphire trotted happily over to Spencer. She offered her back and they climbed up. They wandered through rainbow-coloured bushes in the hot midday sun. Sapphire's eyes sparkled as blue as the sky.

Sapphire stopped for a drink at Swan Pond and the others went for a stroll. They found some lollipop trees of all different colours. They smelled sweet in the afternoon breeze. They licked the branches and they tasted good.

All of a sudden, a wicked witch appeared and was cross that they were eating her trees. Spencer was worried, but just then, Lucifer flew overhead and burned the wicked witch with his fire. Spencer grabbed her broom and they took off just as Lucifer began to chase. Ted jumped and hung onto the broom for dear life as Spencer steered them to safety and back home through the night sky.

Ellie woke to find her favourite teddy and unicorn on her bed. She looked again and Ted was holding a lollipop, just like the trees in her dream adventure.

by Matteo Iavazzo (7)
Ysgol Gellifor , Wales

Competition - My First Story 2016

Copyright remains with the author.