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Avi's Pirate Story

They huddled up together in a small brown boat while Spencer paddled along. As the hot, scorching sun shone on the deep blue sea, Spencer said, 'We are going on an adventure to a mystery island!'

Ellie and Spencer finally arrived at the Island of Fear. They couldn't believe their eyes when they reached shore, there was a huge chest of treasure lying in front!

As soon as Ellie opened the precious chest, a tall marauding figure emerged above them. 'Ahoy! I am Ollie the pirate! I will hold you both captive for stealing my treasure!' said the big, scary pirate.

Ollie kidnapped the two friends and took them aboard his pirate ship. He shouted, 'I don't spare anyone for coming between me and my treasure! I will punish you and order you to jump off my ship!'

Poor Ellie and Spencer had to jump off into the sea. They plunged into the deep ocean and to their disbelief they were confronted by two dolphins who rescued them.

At last Ellie and Spencer safely arrived home. They still couldn't believe that they had been together on such a thrilling adventure.

by Avi Siddharth Jobanputra (7)
Barham Primary School, Middlesex

Competition - My First Story 2016

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