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Nicole's Pirate Story

In a red rowing boat, on a beautiful blue, wide ocean, Spencer the elf was rowing towards an island where he knew incredible treasures were buried.

They reached the island, Spencer pulled out his treasure map and followed it until they found the spot. They dug till they hit a chest. Ellie opened it to find thousands of gold coins that glittered in the sunlight.

Suddenly, there was a noise behind them. 'Oh ar, me hearties, what do we have here?' It was Captain Blackbeard, the meanest man on the ocean.

Blackbeard stole the treasure and took Ellie and Spencer back to his ship, called The Black Pearl. They were very frightened, They were made to walk the plank.

Sploosh, splash! Ellie and Spencer fell into the cold, shivering ocean. The Black Pearl set sail, leaving them behind.

Swwosh! Two kind dolphins rescued them. Ellie and Spencer had a fun ride to dry land after their very scary adventure. Soon they had arrived home, each with lots of gold coins in their pockets

by Nicole Harper (7)
Stone St Mary's Primary School, Kent

Competition - My First Story 2016

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