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Alessia's Magical Story

Ellie and Spencer arrived at the Land of Magic. When they arrived they saw a very lovely dark blue, pink and green, sparkly and glittery unicorn and hopped on.

Suddenly, when they hopped off a fire-breathing dragon came stomping towards Ellie, Teddy and Spencer. Then they turned around and safely hopped back on.

All of a sudden the fire-breathing dragon chased Ellie, Spencer and Teddy to Fairy Land up to the unicorn.

The dragon stopped because it lost them so they hopped on the unicorn. Then the unicorn took Ellie and Spencer somewhere safe.

'What is that?' said Ellie.

'That is the witch. Her name is Wendy Witch.'

After that they hopped on the witch's broomstick and dropped Ellie home.

by Alessia Pearce-Fordham (6)
Brookland Infant And Nursery School, Hertfordshire

Competition - My First Story 2016

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