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Rachel's Jungle Story

Ellie and Spencer arrived at Shimmer Island! Spencer the elf asked her, 'Would you like to go to the jungle?' The jungle was very dark because the canopy only lets 2% of light in!

'Wow!' said the children.

When they arrived they saw a baby bear. His name was Silky because his fur was silky. He was cute and fluffy and he was trying to escape from a hungry snake! 'Quick!' cried the children. 'Jump up onto that vine!'

The children jumped onto the vines. They swung into the tree just as the snake opened its mouth with its fangs dripping with venom.

'Stay there,' said Ellie bravely, 'I'll talk to the snake.

'I'll come too!' said Spencer, so the bear stayed in the tree and Ellie and Spencer went to talk to the snake!

However, the snake was very rude! 'Get out of my way!' it said. Despite their manners they hurried out of the way. Without a please or a thank you the snake started to slither up the tree!

'Quick,' hissed Spencer, 'get down and run.'

'Why?' asked the little bear.

'The snake is coming!' shouted Ellie.

So Silky slid down the tree and ran. They were just walking along a path when a friendly lion sprang up from a bush nearby.

'Hello,' said the lion. 'My name is Albert and would you like to have a ride on my back?'

'Yes!' said Ellie, so they went deeper into the jungle and met elephants, monkeys, giraffes and even hippos!

Then Ellie, Silky and Spencer went home swinging on vines like monkeys!

by Rachel Lee (7)
Cassiobury Infant And Nursery School, Watford

Competition - My First Story 2016

Copyright remains with the author.