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Elouise's Magical Story

They arrived in a magical world where everything you could ever need or wish for could happen but also your scariest fears could come true. Ellie, Spencer and Teddy rode on a pink, spotty unicorn. They rode and rode for miles then they saw the biggest castle. Right next to the castle they saw a dragon, a firing dragon with flames coming out of her mouth.

Next they were running as fast as they could from the dragon with Teddy following in the distance, they could see a large, green hill. At the top of the very big hill, Ellie, Spencer and Teddy were so tired they could not run anymore. Suddenly, they saw their unicorn and all jumped on her and rode away.

After riding for what seemed like hours, they came across the prettiest, most beautiful forest of candy. The smells and colours were amazing. In-between the candy they could see the ugliest, scariest, yellow-toothed witch. They tried to run but the ugly witch spotted them! 'Hello my sweets,' said the ugly witch.

Ellie and Spencer were too scared to talk, but Teddy replied, 'Your flowers taste yummy.'

After talking with the ugly witch, they found out she may not be mean, just sad and lonely and had made the beautiful forest of candy to make friends. Ellie, Spencer and Teddy were having such a good time they did not want to go home. The ugly witch did not want them to leave as she would be sad again.

The trio all decided that they would come and visit the ugly witch every week to play, laugh and sing, but they did really need to leave. The ugly witch was so happy she showed her new friends how to get home safely. She waited till they returned again, which they did every week like they promised.

by Elouise Yard (7)
St Michael's CEP School, Kent

Competition - My First Story 2016

Copyright remains with the author.