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Out In Space

Spencer and Ellie flew off to the dusty moon. Spencer used his flappy wings to go to the dusty moon. Ellie and Spencer wanted to meet an alien. They found the dusty moon.

They landed on the moon together. They caught stars in space but they didn't see the alien. The alien covered his mouth and laughed quietly.

Ellie saw the alien and the alien saw Ellie. The alien took Ellie but not Spencer the elf. The alien's spaceship flew somewhere different.

Another alien took Spencer the elf. The alien felt excited to meet new friends. Ellie and her alien waved at Spencer.

Everyone saw a monster. The monster had a long tongue. The monster had eight legs, three googly eyes and sharp teeth.

The alien took Ellie home. Spencer was still in the alien's spaceship. Ellie would go to Spencer the elf's house tomorrow.

by Kushil Rajan Parmar (7)
Krishna Avanti Primary School, Leicester

Competition - My First Story 2016

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