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Annie And Jamie In The Jungle

One sunny day, two children called Annie and Jamie went for a walk in the woods. Annie and Jamie found a tunnel, it was as dark as the night sky. They decided to go through the tunnel.

As they went through the tunnel, they were falling down and down and down. They came out and they found themselves in another world that they didn't recognise. There were trees that were green, tall, beautiful and unbelievable to the children. They could see animals such as gorillas, orangutans, parrots, lots of butterflies and many creepy crawlies. They couldn't believe their eyes! They looked up and around in amazement. How excited they were to be on this adventure! Annie said to Jamie, 'Are we in the rainforest or the jungle?'

Jamie replied, 'I think we're in the jungle!'

'How do you know?' asked Annie.

'Because of the plants growing on the floor and the light coming through,' Jamie answered.

Suddenly, there was a ginormous, sly and slithery serpent! Annie and Jamie were frightened of the serpent. The serpent hissed terrifyingly at them! They ran and ran but the serpent was so huge that he could see for miles around. He caught them and said, 'I am going to eat you for my tea! I am going to get my maid to chop you up and make you into my soup!'

Then the king of the jungle came over and scared the big, mean serpent off. He apologised to the children and said, 'You are free to go!' They were amazed - they never knew animals could talk! They followed the king of the jungle because they wanted to know where he was going. And then he turned around and saw the children and said, 'Would you like a ride on my back? I'll give you a wonderful tour of my kingdom.'

They saw a magnificent, old and beautiful tiger. They couldn't resist going near him though he was so scary but luckily he stayed asleep - phew!

Then Annie said, 'What's happening over there?'

There were some children toasting some Goliath tarantulas like marshmallows over a fire for their tea. They are the largest spiders in the world - as big as a dinner plate and the children had to be careful when they caught them.

Then Annie and Jamie said, 'Look! There's our tunnel. Finally, we can go home!'

by Ava McLoughlin (7)
Newton Hill Community School, Wakefield

Competition - My First Story 2016

Copyright remains with the author.