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Aminah's Pirate Story

They flew to an island with palm trees. Ellie asked Spencer the elf, 'Why are we here?'

'I don't know,' said Spencer the elf.

'You said we would go on an adventure.'

'Oh yes, I did say that. Where should we start?' said Spencer.

A boat came out of nowhere so they set off for an island. On the island was treasure. Teddy wore a crown. She looked beautiful, just like a princess, she was Princess Teddy. Suddenly, there was a pirate ship.

The pirate came. 'Shiver me timbers!' he said, 'you two are trying to steal my treasure.' Ellie and Teddy were scared of the pirate.

'Spencer, what should we do?' said Ellie and Teddy.

'You will walk the plank!' said the pirate.

They got on the ship, the treasure was on the side. Ellie tried to get it but the pirate said, 'No!' Spencer walked the plank but then he told Ellie to come.

Suddenly, there was a splash! Friendly dolphins came, they were kind, helpful and gorgeous. They gave Ellie and Spencer a ride to the island to get home. Teddy looked like she was surfing on the dolphins. The dolphins liked Ellie and Spencer.

It was time to go home, Ellie didn't know the way so Spencer flew home. Ellie got home, into her nice comfy bed. It had been a fun adventure. Ellie dreamt about it. It felt real.

by Aminah Rahman (6)
Uphall Primary School, Ilford

Competition - My First Story 2016

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