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Roman's Pirate Story

At the seashore Spencer spotted a wooden rowing boat tied to a long, Victorian pier. 'I hope you're a good, strong rower,' said Spencer, 'we're heading to Dead Man's Cove.'

Ellie wasn't scared, she was enjoying her midnight adventure. Spencer found a bamboo cane and used a vine to tie a coconut shell to make a shovel. Spencer knew just where to dig and they found treasure. 'Oh no!' sighed Spencer. 'The Jolly Roger is coming ashore.'

Before they could move the treasure the first pirate scrambled to land and swung his sword and cried, 'What do you dirty sea dogs think you're doing with my treasure?'

Nasty, old Pirate Podge pushed them aboard his stinky, creaking ship and laughed, 'Now me hearties, you'll walk the plank and feed the fishes.'

Ellie and Spencer were terrified.

'Jump Ellie!' shouted Spencer. 'Don't be afraid, I have a plan.'

Ellie hoped he did. She jumped in, clutching Ed the ted and couldn't believe her eyes. Two dolphins jumped up and caught them and they didn't even get wet.

The dolphins dropped them off on dry land. 'No treasure but what a tale to tell,' said Ellie. Spencer walked her back home and flew them back in through her window. When Ellie woke up the next morning she thought it was all a dream but when she looked in the mirror she was wearing a bandana. She couldn't wait for tonight's adventure!

by Roman Lockwood (7)
t Teresa's Catholic Primary School, Preston

Competition - My First Story 2016

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