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Taiya's Zoo Story

Ellie and Spencer went to a zoo, but not an ordinary zoo, a very special zoo. The first animal they met was a pink elephant called Bingo and he could talk.

Bingo said he would take them to see his friends who lived with him in the zoo. They were so excited.

Bingo took them to see Ikky the panda. Ikky had a little baby boy panda called Benny. They played with Ikky and Benny. Ikky wasn't black and white. Ikky and Benny were blue and purple.

Bingo said he would show them a surprise, he grew some wings and started to fly. Bingo flew very high.

Next, they went to see Boris the monkey. He was a dancing monkey. He loved bananas. Boris even gave Ellie and Spencer some of his bananas to eat.

It was getting late, so it was time to go home. They asked Bingo if they could have one last ride.

Bingo lifted them onto his back and away they went. Bingo said, 'Thanks for visiting the zoo.'

When Ellie got home, she said thank you to Bingo.

by Taiya Foster-Mcbride (6)
St Patrick's Catholic Primary School, Huddersfield

Competition - My First Story 2016

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