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Isla's First Story

Spencer and Ellie went to Elf Land. Then Spencer

told Ellie he wanted her to meet his mum and dad.

So they went to see them.

When they got there, Ellie said, 'Where are they?'

'We're right here,' said a voice.

Then they came from their house and told her

there was an evil goblin stealing their treasure.

'If we don't get it back, our land won't be happy

and cheerful.'

'Well, I can help you get it back, but first tell me

what he looks like and where he lives.'

'Well, he has bright, green eyes and skin. He has

grubby hands and his teeth are as black as night.

He wears scruffy clothes and his hair is messed up.

He lives in a jagged cave with crystals sticking out

of it.'

'OK,' said Ellie, 'Let's go.'

So they set off to find the evil goblin.

First they went to the haunted wood. In the wood

they found a bridge across a swamp. As soon as

Ellie stepped on it, the whole thing collapsed and

out of the swamp came an alligator!

He was ten feet tall and he didn't look very


'Run!' cried Ellie.

'We can't turn back now,' said Spencer.

'But how are we going to get past it?' said Ellie.

'I don't know.'

So they tried to move it, but it was too heavy. Then

they tried to sneak past but it was too fat. Then

Spencer remembered he could fly. So they flew

past the alligator. But the goblin's guardians were

watching them and wouldn't let Spencer and Ellie

go in.

'Can we come in?' Spencer asked.

'No!' shouted the guardians.

'Listen,' said Ellie, 'Get out of my way!'

'OK,' said the guardians.

So Ellie and Spencer went in.

Whilst they were walking in the cave, the evil

goblin set a trap and unfortunately, Ellie and

Spencer walked into it.

'Ha, ha, ha!' the goblin laughed.

'Let us go!' cried Ellie.

'No,' said the evil goblin.

Ellie and Spencer were too heavy for the trap to

hold, so they escaped. Quickly, Spencer used his

powers and froze the evil goblin.

They took back the treasure, saved the day and

lived happily ever after.

by Isla Elizabeth Ciara Yates (7)
Trinity CE Primary School, Kettering

Competition - My First Story 2016

Copyright remains with the author.