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Finn's Pirate Story

Ellie and Spencer rowed all night and they felt excited when they saw the island. They were very, very hot and thirsty.

On the island Ellie and Spencer found a chest full of gold doubloons. Ellie was happy but Spencer was frightened because he saw a pirate ship.

They saw Captain Redbeard! He had forgotten where he had hidden the treasure and he was angry. The pirate thought Ellie and Spencer were stealing the treasure.

The pirate made them walk the plank. Ellie and Spencer were frightened because they could not swim and the water looked very deep.

A dolphin came to save them. Ellie and Spencer climbed on the dolphin's back and the dolphins gave them a ride home and they were happy.

Ellie and Spencer walked up the hill to get home and they had new pirate hats. They felt glad because they were safe from the pirate!

by Finn Alexander Whiting (6)
Saint Pierre School, Essex

Competition - My First Story 2016

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