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Jane's Magical Story

Soon, Ellie and Spencer arrived in a magical land, full of lovely heart-shaped trees and star-shaped plants. Ellie saw a unicorn grazing in an emerald field. Suddenly, the unicorn looked up and smiled at Ellie and Spencer, they went  up to the unicorn and climbed onto its back.

The unicorn stopped galloping and let Ellie  and Spencer down. Just then, Ellie felt something holding onto her leg! Ellie turned and to her amazement, it was her teddy bear! Then she felt heat all around her. She looked in front of her, there  was a real dragon, breathing fire! Then they ran away from the dragon because they were scared it was going to eat them or breathe fire on them. Even Ellie's teddy stopped holding onto her leg and ran away with Ellie and Spencer.

Luckily, the unicorn came and fought the dragon with her powers, the unicorn won. She  let Ellie  and Spencer ride on her back again.

Afterwards, they stopped in front of a wood, called Candyfloss  Woods. Then the unicorn galloped away and out of the wood. Ellie and Spencer walked to the deepest part of the wood.  It didn't look like the deepest part, it was filled with trees made from candyfloss.

Suddenly, cold air filled the wood and out of the mist stepped a witch! She gave Spencer and Elilie an evil grin.

Just then, Spencer the elf, grabbed the broomstick and started steering the way out of the wood. The teddy was holding onto the end of the broomstick.

The witch howled and cursed. Then she stepped back into the mist.

Ellie and Spencer saw a door, they opened and went in. They both closed their eyes. They n they opened them again, they were in Ellie's  room.

Spencer asked Ellie, 'Did you have a good time?'

Ellie said, 'Yes.'

By the time she said that, Spencer was gone.

by Jane Lee (6)
Pimlico Primary School, London

Competition - My First Story 2016

Copyright remains with the author.