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Emily's Zoo Story

At the zoo, Ellie was excited to see all the different animals. Ellie heard a loud noise coming from behind the tall metal gates. Ellie suddenly felt water spraying all over her blonde hair.

As she looked over her shoulder she saw a gigantic, grey, laughing elephant with Spencer sat on top of him. Ellie was happy to ride the elephant.

The elephant carried Ellie and Spencer to see a gorgeous fluffy black and white panda. Mummy Panda seemed sad, she had lost her tiny baby. Ellie hugged the panda and wanted to help her.

Ellie looked around and could see the long grass and bamboo moving, out crawled a very cute baby panda. Ellie scooped her up into her arms and gave her back to her mum. The pandas were very happy to be back together.

Ellie and Spencer then travelled to see the funny and playful monkeys. One monkey was surrounded by bananas, because he had a sore thumb he was unable to open them. Ellie kindly checked his thumb and gently removed a big splinter. The monkey danced around with joy and gobbled up all of his bananas. To say thank you he handed his best banana to Ellie. 

Ellie told Spencer she was tired from helping all the animals so Spencer flew Ellie home and Ellie fell fast asleep in her cosy bed.

by Emily Willetts (7)
Bhylls Acre Primary School, Wolverhampton

Competition - My First Story 2016

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