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Indentations And Frustrations

The writer begins a poem, pained.

For the rhymes are contrived,

The tone is strained.

With every letter crammed into place,

The style fluctuates at an erratic pace.


With every word grows more despair,

He cannot convey what he wishes to share.

The rhythm breaks in an uneven beat

And the poet begins to accepts his defeat.


His mind too colourful to fit on a page,

His fists curl with the pent-up rage,

Of having ideas but no means to convey

The words just won't come, to his utter dismay.


The structure monotonous, vapid and bland,

The poet feels inept, and he can't understand,

How these indentations made with ink

Could urge him to cry, laugh, smile and to think.


He raises his palm to his furrowed brow

And sighs, for he knows he has lost now.

He folds the page into an aeroplane

​And sets his mind to fly again.

by Esther Laird (13)
Independent Entry, Bath

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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