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The Horizon

I see myself on the horizon,

A dot on the landscape,

Between me now and me then,

Is an ocean full of possibilities.

But how to cross the ocean?

I need to build a boat.

A boat strong enough to carry my heart,

Steady enough to master the stormiest of seas,

And light enough to navigate tranquil waters.


The hull of my boat is made of oak,

Strong and solid, like love from my family.

The sail on my boat is silk,

As pure as my friendships

It's blown by the winds of perseverance and dedication.

Doubt, like an anchor, can weigh me down,

Stop me dead in my tracks,

But then I reflect on all that has happened and look out to my horizon.

My inner compass knows where I need to go.

In times when the wind stops,

I gather my strength and determination

And row myself across the ocean.


I am the captain of my boat,

My destiny is not set,

But I am always,

Travelling towards my horizon.

by Dylan Tunney (12)
St Joseph's Catholic School, Wiltshire

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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