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An Unforgiving Wonder

Our galleon sits upon a slate of gleaming glass,

refreshing and tranquil, with contentment we pass

the invigorating salty scent, attracts, drawing us in,

out gullibility was nothing but a terrible sin.


A maiden's heart may be as dark as the velvet of space,

possessing astounding beauty, yet without a face,

so wondrous and limitless she had us enticed,

however, we were but pawns to be sacrificed.


The azure canvas above, gets painted coal-black,

icy needles pierce as the clouds start their attack,

the waves become restless, her beauty begins to distort,

'Don't judge a book by its cover,' we were going to be taught.


The sea of ominous clouds split with a blinding flash,

sinister rocks stand, upon which raging waves crash,

tossed is our galleon, devoid of any brawn,

her sweet words had seduced us, but shall leave our hearts torn.


The gales howl with fury, whilst she expels her

fearsome beast,

Death's hand is outstretched with a murderous desire to feast,

profuse dread pounds on my heart, like the drum of a sadist,

each brutal beat lessens my will to resist.


Despite the fire that once blazed in my bosom, there is no more light,

my vessel destroyed, I shall now sleep in an eternal night,

her alluring splendour masked the hidden brute beneath,

so woe to all sailors - her venomous blade has no sheath.

The bewitching ocean had displayed her limitless might,

My grave - an unforgiving wonder, yet a magnificent sight.

by Mohammed Ruhul Alam (14)
Al-Hikmah Secondary School, Luton

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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