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My Spark And Flood

You're like a spark and a flood,

You turn me into a raging blaze,

Only to transform me into silent embers,

Sparks, however, still flying,

Ashes rising.


I am forever shifted from flame to dust,

Flames to dust, flames to dust.

You force me to attack

Only to rein me back again.

I'm constantly catching alight,

Because of you,

For a strange, particular reason,

It's always because of you.


Now you can't put out this fire,

Instead this flame grows.

It screams and roars,

Fearing almost nothing,

Only to lose you.

Especially you,

My spark and flood,

My sword and shield.

by Caitlin Nghiem (12)
Cardinal Newman Catholic School, Coventry

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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