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Light Shows And Shadow Plays

Light shows and shadow plays, what do you mean?

I know that you are not quite what you seem.

Your city is only a burning façade,

I hope they erase it, wherever they are…


Scouring the sparks for the slightest flaws,

How would they know they're breaking the law?

Casting them out, they might leave without a fight,

But shadows are persistent when faced with false light.


It was only by chance she discovered them here:

Battered and broken, their hearts filled with fear.

Her wings might have faded, but she'll still reach

the sky,

Along with the people she came here to guide.


The ones in the shadows are those that she chose.

Iron children on exiled stones

They march, sights set on the tyrant's tower

Ready to burn like a bright but cruel flower.


An angel has furthest to fall in the end,

When they've hurt more than anyone's able to mend.

She sees you for what you really are:

Not a beacon of hope, but a falling star.


Under the raven's watchful eyes,

The shadows take off into dangerous skies.

The light still fails to split virtue from vice

For thieves and kings in its paradise.


A fallen friend, a final fight,

Her words fade into a restless night.

The void seeps in to become a new light,

All because of a raven's flight.


… But alas, she did not plan a revolution,

Only a chance at retribution. 

by Hannah Foulds (14)
Bury CE High School, Manchester

Competition - The Poetry Trials

Copyright remains with the author.