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An Anonymous Invitation To A Dinner Party

Tremulously, I lifted the lion-head knocker on the decadent mansion's door, letting it fall with a clatter. Immediately, it swung open, revealing a silver-haired woman adorned in mourning attire. I tried to ask a question, but she stopped me with a shrill cackle. 'This is the place,' she purred, giving me a yellow-toothed grin. I was ushered into an opulent dining hall filled with blanched figures. Silence shrouded them as I entered. 'Dinner's served!' my hostess crowed, causing the diners to prowl towards me.

'But where's the food?' I asked.

Panic overwhelmed me as the hostess hissed, 'It's just arrived.'

by Abigail Khan (16)
Outwood Academy Newbold, Chesetrfield

Competition - Spine-Chillers

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