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Slice Of Paradise (Overwhelmed With Beauty)

I hear the sweet lullaby,
Of rustling leaves,
In its patchwork quilt formation.

The soft purr of glistening raindrops,
Intertwined in the luxurious moonlit sky,
A slice of paradise.

The harmonies of the humming grass,
Like a panpipe in the breeze,
Swaying in time to the beat.

The humid aroma of bubbling rice,
On the thick, dense forest floor,
A slice of paradise.

The whirring whistle of the eucalyptus trees,
Forcing the birds to hurriedly scatter,
Gliding gracefully to awaiting landscape.

The ear-piercing screech,
Of a hassled howler monkey,
It's just nature's way.

The deluge of heavy rain,
Floods pouring through the sky, slashes of sharp lightning,
No longer a slice of paradise.

The chorus of the jaguar,
Drumming to the beat of the breeze,
Paradise, paradise, paradise!

The pitter-patter of gentle raindrops,
Melting through my splayed fingers,
This is truly my paradise!

by Lola Bray (10)
Independent Entry, Great Bardfield

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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