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In the deepest part of your mind,
A creature green and knobbly
Wallowing in your displeasure,
Slowly coming out to play
If you dare to enter there where the monster lies
You feel it before you see it,
A presence murky and unkind.
With a heartbeat like gunfire, the only option is to run
But running from yourself is never much fun
Envy is a bright green rage, that will never back down
If anyone annoys her, she won't forget them.
So don't get too near, for Envy is here
Living here now and always
You can't get rid of her, just get used to her
If your face is red, your teeth clenched.
Maybe Envy has visited you!

by Natalie Mandale (10)
Raughton Head CE Primary School, Cumbria

Competition - Poetry Emotions

Copyright remains with the author.