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My School Emotions

The emotions I have in a school day -
Happiness is one of my favourites,
She comes out most of the day,
Whenever I have completed and succeeded at a task,
She'll burst and sprinkle happiness in every way.
Sadness is a sensitive soul
And watches me get pushed around,
Whenever this happens to me
She will burst out with tears aloud.
Fear is quite the scaredy-cat,
He is mostly never there,
Whenever someone comes and says, 'Boo!'
He freezes to the spot and wishes he could vanish into thin air.
Anger is one of my pet hates,
He usually starts every fight,
Whenever something is not fair,
His hair will set alight.

by Holly Eddon (11)
Bewley Primary School, Billingham

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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