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Sadness pours down both my cheeks
Making me feel like I've sprung a leak
A cloud of sadness follows me round
Trying not to make a sound
With a lump deep inside my throat
I feel just like a sinking boat.
Broken and bruised alone I stand
Hoping for a helping hand
Empty and blue with only tears
Hiding away from all my fears
Here I'll stay for many years
As my pain sears.
All hope is lost, causing even more pain
They try to help but they don't know my name
My cry for help lost in the night
They stay away as if I might bite
I really did hope it would go away but now I know it's here to stay
With an ultimate price that I shall pay
It's looming around every day.

by Kirsty Masakure (10)
Ravenhurst Primary School, Leicester

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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