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The problem is you think you have time,
But you are not as clever as I am,
You rest your sweet baby against your chest,
And hold close to heart that which you have
been blessed,
You sing that little song as your mother before you,
And I sigh a sad note for you do not have a clue,
That these precious years will fly with golden wings,
So take care to remember all the little things.

Four birthdays have passed which you can never
get back,
And you watch as she hops down the long path,
She stands so close in the playground where
you stand,
But hold back a tear when she lets go of your hand.
Blossoming like a flower as the years go on.
High school. Off to uni. Feels like she's gone.

Crystal tears run and she's dressed all in white,
Beaming that smile, so beautiful and bright.
She floats down the aisle as if like a dove,
The pride and joy fills you to see her so in love.
Another nine months pass and she holds a
beautiful child,
But time keeps on ticking and years have compiled.

I sit and I watch the sand as it flows,
It's gold in the sun, shimmers and glows,
Time is like diamonds, I won't tell a lie,
Yet I sit here and let another hour pass by...

by Sophie Haney
George Salter Academy, West Bromwich

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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