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Forwards and backwards all day I swing,
Oil my joints or your ears will sting.
In the cold I might need a new coat,
Or maybe a few to float my boat.
It's all right for skirting, he gets around,
In every room and hall he's found.
Window's always pulling pranks on a whim,
Little does he know I can see right through him.
Fridge is horrid, never nice,
I suspect his heart is made of ice.
Wall's all right but its paper's stuck up,
Nearly as full of himself as the teacup.
I'm clearly the cleverest, the light's not too bright,
The knife thinks he's sharp but that's not right.
Pillows are too greedy, they're always stuffed,
Towel's so weak, constantly roughed.
It goes without saying I'm the most important,
Until you push me I'll remain dormant.
I will greet you as you come in and out,
But don't wait for me, I'll hang about.

by Dylan O'Kane (12)
Nunnery Wood High School, Worcester

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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