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Dear Mini Me

If you could travel back in time,
What would you say to a younger you,
Who was seven, eight or nine?
Dear mini me, in the future you're doing all right,
I really can't wait till your life takes flight.
You've dreamt so many dreams worth dreaming,
Only one dream seems quite beseeming.
Dear mini me, limits can't reach you,
Don't let fears and worries breach you.
Enjoy blissful days of childhood wonder,
Soon will come the teenage squander.
Dear mini me, you so desperately wanted a sister, quite
But got three brothers instead, despite.
A boy who speaks animal
A boy who thinks he's on top of the world,
A boy who's lost in his own one.
But that's OK, they're a comical gang,
And most of your friendship started with a bang.
Now you see how,
Your life's just going to get better,
Novelist, artist, writer - follow your dream to the letter.
And maybe one day when it comes to pass,
You'll look fondly on your past.
Puzzle at the day when that change happens, you see?
Where you become me.

by Thandie Grant (13)
Notre Dame High School, Sheffield

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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