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The Way To The Future

In the eternal void of chaos
You travel in a wooden boat
And, you wonder what the future did to you.
The empty trees seem to scream and shout
And the wind howls just like a monster,
Demons, wearing their crimson cowls.
The heavy ages fell upon your shoulders
And the long-lost sweet childhood dreams
Left you, to the bitter taste of life.
Electric bolts that split the skies
Seem to strike your heart
And, your hopeless life is shortened.
In the world today
Paper controls the humans
And you feel the isolation.
Mother Nature's spine cracked
As the smell of burnt covers the air
And the rumble of gun smashes the quietness to bits.
It seems paradoxal
As you travel through the ages
But, your worthless life won't end.

by Stefan Melian (12)
Verulam School, St Albans

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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