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The Last Piece

The photograph;
Its crisp, rigid edges pinch my once gentle hands
as I try, once again, to salvage a piece of the memories dissociated
from my confused and isolated present thoughts.
Once again: unsuccessful.
My vision is blurred as I replay the broken movie of my life
over and over,
pausing every time my sight pans over him,
but the more I try to focus the image in my head,
the harder it is to see.
I treasure my unchronological collection of movie scenes,
to have them in my head and not to hold does nothing but
break my heart
but still I hold on to them.
Fourteen years, and a million opportunities have passed.
Sometimes I've come so close, but as anxiety and discomfort creep up on me
I realise this will never be my home.
So like a deer in the headlights, I stop: stunned,
then run.

by Shannon Leddy (17)
Newcastle Sixth Form College, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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