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The Island

The trees stand high and the grass is tall
I look in front of me and I see it all
I am trapped on an island, in a whole lot of pain
Behind me I see the broken, crashed plane
I continue my journey, slashing through the grass
I try to get by but it doesn't let me pass
I know by now I am all on my own
Scared, lonely and wanting to go home
The sun is shining and my face is burning
My lack of fresh water is really concerning
I'm getting even hotter, feeling on fire
Everything lacks but my desire
I must keep on going, I must carry on
I know my determination will never be gone
The sky is getting dark and I'm trembling in fear
I wish I was anywhere, anywhere but here
I don't know where I am; I wish I could find out
But this horrible island has brought me nothing but doubt
I'm starting to cry, I'm starting to lose
I need some help, I need to be rescued
My mind is dying, I'm not in control
I don't know what to do, I don't know where to go
The night has gone and the morning is here
Now that I've slept, my mind is more clear
I've got two options over life and death
I need to take my time, I need to take a breath
I will keep on going, I will be strong
I will get back home where I belong
And now I'm feeling so unstoppable
​My chance of death is not even possible...

by Harrison Coles (14)
Hull Trinity House Academy, Hull

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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