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Essence Of Life

I hold the essence of life,
Throughout my wandering body.
My presence is sought after,
Cherished by everybody.

I can cross large distances,
I can travel far and wide.
No hindrance is too large,
With my trusty cycle by my side.

I am the key to your life,
I will elegantly bring joy.
But if turned the wrong way,
I can elegantly destroy.

I am as silent as fear,
As gentle as love,
Yet I can also be as fierce,
As the raging storms above.

I can nurse somebody back to health,
Make them as right as rain.
I can also seize a person's life,
Make sure they never see light again.

The lack of my presence,
Invites grief and distress.
But abundance of my company,
Can also depress.

I hold the very essence of life,
Mother Nature's very own daughter.
I've had many names throughout my life,
But you can call me water...

by Sanjana Iyer (12)
Henrietta Barnett School, London

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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