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Autumn Leaves

Running speedily on the playground,
Surrounded by beautiful crisp leaves,
All different colours, including brown,
Dancing quietly in the breeze.
A lovely feeling running through me,
Like a dream at night.
I felt the crunchy leaves in glee,
I felt it just couldn't be!

It smelt of pure mint,
It gave off a little glint.
'How fresh!' I said with glee,
Smelling wildly beneath the tree.

When I got so close, all I could hear,
Was the cold wind blowing leaves and twigs.
I could hear the roaring wind,
Floating across the earth.

All I tasted was fresh air,
Swishing through the sky.
Ah, what a taste!
It was great.

by Rubie-Jay Ellis (6)
Sutherland Primary Academy, Stoke-On-Trent

Competition - Sense Poetry

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