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What Am I?

Skipping gracefully down the smiling path,
Flower filled meadows tempt you up
To the golden tree of life, love and beauty.
Rapeseed flowers bloom in the summer sun,
Yellow dresses flutter up in the warm breeze.
Summer sun beams a smile like a child on her birthday,
Brightens up the sky shining rays of glowing warmth.
Wicker baskets are in young children's hands,
Each playing games under guidance
Of a yellow light in the sky.
Beauty fills the world and peace evolves
And days become shorter but are fuller.
People of Heaven look down on us,
Childhoods bloom as they head along to the golden mist.
Reach and grab each,
Take a piece of beauty, love and life.
Anger is buried, never to be seen
Under the golden mist of life that has beamed.

by Kate Dennison (9)
Howden Junior School, Goole

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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