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Love is the colour pink,
She tastes like chocolate,
Love feels like silky petals
And sings sweet songs.

Anger is the colour red,
He tastes like bitter apple
And he feels all hard inside
Anger smells like mist
And shouts all the time.

Fear is the colour blue
She tastes like bubblegum
​And she is all squishy in her heart
Fear sounds like gentle rain.

Happiness is the colour yellow
He tastes like all things sweet.
Happiness feels all smooth
And he smells like fresh air
And you can hear the birds tweeting.

Every emotion has a time
Many people laugh and cry
Over the hill and round the lane
The times of poor, rich and fame
In your heart you should know
On the high and on the low
Never doubt your emotions
So let them go.

by Angelina Wildman
Oakley Lower School, Bedford

Competition - Poetry Emotions

Copyright remains with the author.