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As rare as a priceless jewel, a vision of perfection,
Like a sorceress you held me under love's spell,
But of course our parents were filled with hesitation,
Without you everything would be hell,
After all these years I found my true love,
Time flew by and soon my affection took flight,
She was an angel in the sky,
Like a beautiful white dove,
With courage and resilience I swore to be your knight,
I hope our parents never saw us meet,
When I knew I had lost you I was so weak,
Keeping our love a secret worked a treat,
When you were dead I could barely speak,
Love shattered into a thousand pieces,
As we meet again in death our family feud ceases.

by Kashaf Ashraf (9)
The Ferns Primary Academy, Bolton

Competition - Poetry Emotions

Copyright remains with the author.