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Sadness Is When...

Sadness is when I have to go to bed
Because my mum said.
When my favourite balloon burst,
When I was so tired from thirst.
Sadness is when I see my sister cry,
When she has to leave and say bye.
When I can't play outside every day
Because the rain won't go away.
Sadness is when I get into trouble,
When all I want is a cuddle.
When I try to blow the candles on my birthday cake
And someone else does it, for goodness sake.
Sadness is when someone is unhappy,
When they can't even afford a cup of tea.
When I feel sick and unwell
And there's no one I can tell.

by Halimah Noor Zubbair (8)
Al-Hijrah School, Birmingham

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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