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Monster In My Closet!

It's bedtime, sleep time,
A time where I close my eyes and drift off.
But no, it's not that easy!
I get tucked into my duvet,
Getting all snuggly,
A kiss sticks to my cheek
As the wooden door closes.
I'm all alone
In my home,
A gentle groan comes
From behind…
The closet!
It's very gloomy,
Not roomy at all!
The little curtain hides it,
With a gap near the floor!
Beady eyes stare at me,
Making my worst nightmares come true!
I cover my face in fear,
Shouting for my mother in tears!
There I run, like the wind!
My mother there, giving a grin.
I hug her to bits,
As her perfume hits.
She walks me upstairs,
But then I stop and stand.
Tap, tap, tap!
Her high heels lead the way,
She opens the curtain and there it lays.
It was only a bag!
With googly eyes.
A doodled mouth to make his words rise!
Mother, it was a monster I swear!

by Kori Curtis (10)
Glascote Academy, Tamworth

Competition - Poetry Emotions

Copyright remains with the author.