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The Buzz Of Excitement

Have you ever experienced the buzz that excitement can bring?
Well, did you know, it's not just a human thing.
Picture the school on the first day of term,
The doors reaching out, as the students return.
Family car laden with holiday cases,
Radiator grill smiling, as it passes through places.
Nervous young couple on their first date,
Hinges squeak with pleasure, as they lean on the gate.
Presents piled high on Christmas morning,
Church bells ring, the children they're calling.
Last match of the season, as the teams line up,
Sun gleaming down on a very proud cup.
So next time you feel that buzz of excitement,
Remember this poem which brought
you enlightenment.

by Tegan Lonsdale (11)
St Leonard's CE Primary School, Preston

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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