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In My Head

In my head I feel so nervous,
While I sit and wait for my turn to come,
Watching every gymnast come to take their turn,
My heart beats like an overpowered drum,
As sweat drips down my forehead.
In my head my mind is a muddle,
When finally my name is called out loud,
My mind goes blank and I want to hide,
But I know I must do myself proud,
I must face my fear and please the crowd.
In my head I overcome my nerves,
As I take an elegant step onto the track,
I now know there's no going back,
I feel sick, sweaty and hot with nerves,
But I must put it all behind me.

In my head I feel something strange,
As I wait for the judges to wave,
Something happens, I start to grin,
I no longer feel like a prisoner trapped in a cave,
A wave of happiness washes from my head to my chin.
In my head nerves are turned to joy,
I present up high and start to run,
It goes too fast but it feels so good,
I jump, I fly, I flip then I land,
My feet sink into the mat and I raise my hands up high.
In my head I feel so proud,
A little while later I stand so proud,
On the podium on top of the world,
I want to laugh and cry so loud,
With the shiniest medal draped round my neck!

by Alice Carter (11)
Greenside Primary School, Pudsey

Competition - Poetry Emotions

Copyright remains with the author.