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You know that feeling you get inside,
It feels like someone banging hammers in your head,
It smells like mouldy cheese at the back of your fridge;
Anxiety is coming your way.
Wait and see what anxiety can be,
Making you hide away.
Beware, it's always lurking around the corner.
Looking at yourself, wondering if you're good enough,
You're a prism of worry,
Squirming like a worm to get out of the situation,
Trying to be brave, but you just can't do it.
Be who you are,
Brave and strong.
Don't worry, just be you,
What else can you do?
All these things whirling around in your head,
It feels rigid with serrated and blunt edges.
Your heart skips a beat,
You're filled with anger in all of your soul.
It tastes like bitter herbs in an old lady's cupboard,
It stinks like your brother's sweaty socks.
You feel like a blunt pencil.
It looks like a sack of bricks on your back,
As heavy as all the stones on just one beach.
Anxiety can be hard.
It's like a scary roller coaster ride,
Turning round the bends,
This is how the poem ends.
Just beware,
Anxiety is out to crush your soul.

by Katherine Burton (10)
St Ursula's Catholic Junior School, Romford

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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